Young Champions of Change: Stand up and be counted


Look around you-roads are congested, garbage keeps piling up and potholes abound. It’s a mess and you may wonder when things will get better. The good news is that it can all get better, provided you are willing to stand up and make the effort. But, you may ask – can children make change happen? To answer that question, we ask you to read about what children in other parts of the country have been doing.

  • Students of St.Kabir School in Ahmedabad have breathed life into one of the major roads near their school. Once they had identified the problem (garbage, broken roads etc.), they set about raising awareness through signature campaigns, rallies and meetings with the civic officials responsible for the area. Thanks to their efforts, a major improvement of the road is under progress, new lights will be set up and more police will be deployed to ensure the road stays safe for all.
  • In Bengaluru, students of Oasis International School planned a similar campaign to bring about improvement of a nearby road. They raised awareness, filed complaints and met civic officials, after which potholes were filled, obstructive garbage was removed from the footpaths and street lights were repaired.
  • Thousands of miles north, students at the Doon Valley School in Lucknow were on a similar path, raising awareness and meeting with municipal officials to tackle road safety issues on a road in their area. Their actions have begun to yield results, with loose wires being fixed and road safety problems addressed.

All these students came together at the annual National Civic Fest organized by Janaagraha where they received prizes and recognition for their work. The one thing common to these three stories: the students had complete belief in themselves that they could fix these issues and set upon their plan with energy and focus. Truly inspiring!