Winds of change in Europe

Emmanuel Macron (left) and Marine Le Pen

Winds of change are blowing across Europe with elections to be held in two countries-United Kingdom (UK) and France. Results to these elections could change the history of Europe forever. How and why? Let’s find out.

Its Macron vs Le Pen in France

In the final round of elections on May 7, Emmanuel Macron will face Marine Le Pen in a final fight that will decide who becomes the next President of France. The French elect their President through a ‘run-off’ race. If one single person does not get the largest share of vote in the first round, the top two candidates face off for a final round. That’s what will take place on May 7.

If elected, each of these leaders could change the way France is run. Marine Le Pen, for instance, is against immigrants (people who come from other countries, especially from Africa and Arabia to France) and she is likely to make it very difficult for new immigrants to shift to France.

Macron is a surprise winner-he formed his political party just a year ago and if he is elected, could become France’s youngest President. He promises to bring a fresh approach to the way the government in France is run. He also supports the idea of France remaining in the European Union (EU), which is a group of European countries which follow common laws and rules.

Surprise elections in May

mayUK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a surprise election in June. She has called for it in June, just before the UK takes its first steps to leave the EU. After being part of the Union for years, the UK last year voted to leave the EU. May would like the people of the UK to choose the leader who will lead them through this change. At this point in time, May’s political party is in the lead and it appears that May will be back as Prime Minister after the election.


frenchThese people in Pondicherry lined up to vote in the French Presidential elections. The Union Territory of Pondicherry was once part of France and many people there have a link with France. Around 5000 French citizens live in Pondicherry and other places like Mahe and Karikal that were once ruled by the French.