War in Syria heats up

The West Asian country of Syria has been in a state of war for six years. Its government is fighting against a group of rebels who want to overthrow the government and rule the country. In the past two weeks, this fight has become more intense-it appears that the government is attacking the rebels with chemical weapons while the rebels supported by the United States (US) have bombed an airport controlled by the government.

Chemical weapons use poisonous chemicals to harm and hurt people. In Syria, weapons released from aircraft gave off a poisonous gas that affected hundreds of people. Many people, including children were killed due to the gas. Countries such as the United States believe the chemical weapons were used on the orders of the Syrian government.

In response, the United States bombed (targeted bombs at) an airport from which the planes carrying the chemical weapons were said to have taken off. The Syrian government has said it had not used the chemical weapons but not everyone is believing their story.

As countries continue to argue, the war in Syria is tearing the country apart. Children have lost homes, their neighbourhoods and in some cases even their parents. War, as they say, brings nothing good along with it.