Trump’s new immigration order blocks people from 6 countries

United States (US) President Donald Trump has signed a new order concerning movement of people from certain countries to the US. The new order follows protests and legal cases against his earlier order in January where he ruled that people from seven Islamic nations were blocked from entering the US.

How is this order different?

  • It targets people from six nations-Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Iraq has been excluded from the ban
  • The new ban only blocks new visas (entry permissions) for people from these six countries. Those with valid visas will be able to travel
  • People from these nation who want new visas for entry to the US can request for special permission to enter the country and may be granted if the US doesn’t find them a threat (danger)
  • What remains unchanged from the earlier order is that the US refugee programme has been stopped for 120 days and when it re-opens, America will take in only 50,000 refugees, down from 110,000 last year. Refugees are people who flee their country to find safety in another land.

Trump says this order is necessary as he fears the entry of people from these countries whose aim may be to hurt America and Americans. His opponents however state that his order is part of Trump’s larger distrust of Muslims as the targeted nations have a mainly Muslim population.