The ‘Tiger’ returns

A comeback doesn’t get bigger than this. Eleven years after he last won a major tournament, golfer Tiger Woods swung his way to victory to lift the Augusta Masters, the biggest of all golf tournaments. This is the fifth time he has won the Masters.
At the start of the tournament, it didn’t seem likely that he would win. After all, it had been fourteen years since he last wore the Green Jacket (the green blazer is given to the winner of the Masters). As recently as two years ago, Woods wasn’t even sure of playing the game for much longer. In the end, the win was dramatic, with Woods wining by one stroke even as his mother and kids cheered him on.
The return of Tiger Woods to winning ways may not just be important to him but also to the sport itself. Between 1997 and 2010, he utterly dominated the sport. In the early 2000s, he singlehandedly made the sport more and more popular. As his career slumped (declined or went down), so did the interest in the sport. With Woods now playing better than before, perhaps public interest in the game will also come back.
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