The Sounds of Mars

United States (US) space agency’s rover Perseverance has gotten to work and sent back the first ever sound recordings taken on Mars. The sounds include audio recordings of Martian winds as well as the sound make by a laser bouncing off a Martian rock.

Both sounds are different from what we would experience on Earth. The recording of laser shots sounds more like a continuous snap, instead of a ‘pew pew’ sound effect we have listened to in movies. The one of Martian winds is muffled and almost sounds as if it was recorded in the ocean while deep diving. The laser shots that were fired at the rock will help calculate how hard it is.

NASA has also shared that sounds made by the same object will sound very different on Earth and on Mars. Common Earth sounds like birds chirping, bells or whistles will be almost inaudible (something that cannot be heard) on Mars. Things sound different on Mars due to the planet’s colder atmosphere that contains a large amount of carbon dioxide. Also, since the atmosphere of Mars is less dense compared to Earth, noises are quieter.

Watch this video to find out more:

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