The oldest golden retriever in the world

In April this year, a very special 20 year old celebrated her birthday. As everything was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, she spent the day with just her close family, much like any of you who had birthdays in the last two months. August (that’s her name, Augie for short) is special as she is the world’s oldest known Golden Retriever.

August was already 14 years old when she came to live with Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt at their home in the United States (US). They thought they would have only a few years with her as she was so old when she came to them but are delighted to be celebrating this special milestone with her. milestone with her.

August lives with her parents Steve and Jennifer and her siblings Sherman, Belle and Bruce. And yes, you guessed it – they are all Golden Retrievers! August is pretty active for her age – she still takes walks and even a swim from time to time!

So, how old can dogs get?

Dog life spans vary according to the breed of the dog, and also according to size. Smaller dogs live longer than large breeds. Mixed breed dogs, what we call ‘indies’ that make up most of the dogs that live on our streets, live much longer – many live on past the age of 10-12 years which is the life span of popular dog breeds. That is because pure breed ‘pedigree’ dogs pass on tendencies for illnesses from one generation to another. In mixed breeds, the strong points of two or more breeds get carried forward into the new generation, which makes for a healthier dog. To find out more, click here – How long do dogs live?


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