The Book Nook: Kaadoo-The ‘wild’ board game

It’s time to drop those devices and gather around a table or a mat instead to play some board games. Christmas holidays are around the corner-so why not spend some of that time sharpening your game skills (and brain skills)!

The Kaadoo board games are built around wildlife themes, where you (virtually) zoom around a habitat-the African savannah, the Nilgiri biosphere or the lion sanctuaries of Gujarat-in your very own safari car. A roll of dice may land you some cool animal sightings, trigger alarm calls or uncover some pugmarks-there is enough action to keep you on your toes.


The board, cards, safari cars which double up as pawns and the dice are of good quality and likely to last long. Not only is the game itself fun and competitive (the player with the most animal sightings wins), it will also teach you about animal habitats and behavior through the well-designed cards. With Kaadoo selling packs with cards for multiple habitats, the game promises many hours of fun! What we liked especially were games around habitats in India such as the Gir forest of Gujarat, the Nilgiri biosphere and the jungles of central India.

Price (per game): Rs.749 (multi-packs cost more)

Available: Online