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The Child Friendly News subscription is a comprehensive package that includes:

  • A printed 8 page paper each fortnight that will be delivered through your child’s school or via post
  • Unrestricted access to the website, including full archives
  • A total of 20 issues per year with issue weeks running parallel to the school year

Special subscription offer for schools

CFN is now available through some schools, and we have a special low rate of Rs.500 per year for these schools.  The school subscription copies are delivered through the schools during the weeks of the school term. No copies are delivered during the holidays.

If you received a free copy of the newspaper through your child’s school, then it is likely you are eligible for a school subscription rate.

Individual Subscription Rate

If your school is not yet covered by school subscription, you can take an individual subscription, which costs Rs.750 annually. Copies will be posted to the address of your choice.





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