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Child Friendly News or CFN has been in the business of publishing ‘News that makes sense to kids’ since 2011. The digital edition of the newspaper packs a punch, with our trademark mix of news, features, articles on technology, and nature as well as deep dives into current topics.

The fortnightly paper is an 8 page PDF packed with content. It has been designed for easy readability on laptops, desktops and phones, with larger fonts, more illustrations and interactive elements. There are 20 issues in a year.

Here are some of the elements you can look forward to in the paper.

  • The paper is packed with regional, national and world news relevant to children
  • In addition to the fortnightly paper, subscribers will receive an email news update on alternate (non-publishing) weeks. This way, you will get a slice of CFN content each week
  • Quizzes and reinforcement activities are being built into stories in each issue. While some will run side-by-side with the feature, others will be hosted online contests. Details of winners will be published in the paper
  • To leverage the digital platform, several features also incorporate links to curated content. This will enhance the understanding of a topic/issue
  • On Page 3, we have  ‘My Space’ which features young achievers among our readers.
  • The favourite of our readers – ‘Owlie’s Fun Page’  – is packed with must-do puzzles.

The annual subscription cost is Rs.590 for the whole package (that includes GST).




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