Shhsssh! You’re in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of India’s most important wildlife sanctuaries, and is home to our national animal, the tiger. Yet, over the past few years, the opening of a large number of hotels and resorts built for tourists visiting the sanctuary was beginning to disturb the peace of the area. To entertain visitors, some hotels began allowing playing of loud music during parties. All this, will now have to stop with the Uttarakhand (the state the sanctuary is located in) government’s ban on noise pollution in the area.

As per the new rule, a silence zone has been created in all areas that fall within a 500 metre (half a kilometre) distance of the park. As most of the hotels for tourists are located within 500 metres of the park’s boundary zone, the order should bring some quiet back to the area.

With loud speakers and disco music being silenced, the kind of the jungle, the Bengal tiger can finally sit back in peace.