Scientist from India wins Marconi prize

Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, an India-born professor working in the United States (US) has been awarded the Marconi prize. This award is called the ‘Technology Nobel’ as it is one of the most important honors that can be won for technology-related work.

Professor Paulraj, who now works at Stanford University at California in the US, won the award for his invention of MIMO technology. MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output technology, and is widely used in WiFi and 4G systems.

A WiFi router

Many of you may be using WiFi routers in your homes to connect to the Internet. WiFi is a local area wireless network, which can be used to connect to the Internet as well as other devices closeby (such as printers and other computers). 4G is an improvement to 3G mobile phone technology as it allows data to travel faster. Faster data output will enable quicker access to the Internet, faster video downloads, clear, blur-free video calls and overall better connectivity.

Before he moved to the US, Professor Paulraj worked for the Indian Navy, where he helped design very efficient communication systems.


Did you know?Paulraj is the only India-born scientist to receive both the Marconi Prize and the Bell Medal, two top global IT technology awards

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