Now, ID cards for cows


The Indian Government is thinking of issuing Identity Cards for cows, calves, oxen and bulls. The idea behind this is to prevent illegal (wrongful) smuggling of old and retired cattle across the border into Bangladesh.

The ID tag will contain details such as the cow’s age, breed (the kind), height, body colour and horn type and each cow will have a unique ID number. The government will also maintain a list of such ID card holding cows.

It is well known that hundreds of cows are illegally taken (smuggled) each day from India to Bangladesh, where they are sold. Such cows, many of who have retired from farm work or no longer produce milk, may be finally killed for their meat.  The killing of cows for meat is not permitted in many states of India and the law does not allow cows to be transported from states where their killing is banned to ones where it is allowed. Therefore, smuggling cows to another country is also not allowed. The government hopes that through the ID cards, it will be able to fix the smuggling problem.