No monkey business, this

Bonnet Macaques, a kind of monkey seen in Southern India, have learnt to communicate with humans in order to ask for food, a new study has found. The study was carried out at Karnataka’s Bandipur National Park.

The monkeys are using hand gestures and sounds to ask for food. The macaques are using soft ‘coo’ sounds and deliberately positioning themselves so that they can be seen by tourists. They also extend their hands to request for food.  This is the one of the first times that such behavior has been documented in wild monkeys.

What are Bonnet Macaques?

Bonnet Macaques are monkeys seen in peninsular India south of the Godavari and Tapti rivers. In Northern India we find Rhesus Macaques. Although this division line was clearly drawn for many years, there are now reports of Rhesus Macaques invading the territory of their southern cousins.