Manipur blockade ends

The newly formed government in Manipur has managed to end the four month long blockade (closure) of major highways in the state by Naga groups. The blockade had affected the life of the common people of the state with many things needed for daily life costing double the regular price.

Trouble began in November 2016 when Naga tribal groups (one of the main tribal communities of the north-east) started protesting the move of the Manipur government to create several new districts in the state. They Nagas said that the new districts divided the ancestral land (land that has traditionally belonged to the Nagas) and wanted the government to reverse (take back) the decision.

As part of their protest, the United Naga Council (UNC) had blocked two national highways leading to the state-NH2 and NH 37. Now, Manipur, like other north-eastern states, is heavily dependent on supplies of goods from other parts of India-this is for many things from cooking gas cylinders to food. With the supply of goods choked, items of daily use became very costly in Manipur.

Things have changed with a new government taking charge. The new Chief Minister is looking into the demands of the Nagas. Hopeful of an agreement, the Nagas have lifted the blockade.