India is not such a happy place

India is one of the world’s least happy nations in the world, according to the World Happiness Report, an international report that was released on Monday to mark the International Day of Happiness. The report was released at the United Nations, the international organization that consists of almost all the countries in the world.

India was ranked 122 in a list of 155 countries and we have actually slipped four places, down from 118 in 2016. The world’s happiest country is Norway, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden. The United States is at rank 14. China is also ahead of India at No 79.

The bottom five countries on the list where people are the unhappiest are Burundi (154), Tanzania (153), Syria (152), Rwanda (151) and the Central African Republic (155). To create the ranking, the authors of the report took into account income earned by people, their health, support from the government and community and freedom enjoyed by people. One of the most important factors in making someone happy was that he or she had a job and earned money. So, countries where more people had jobs were happier.