In 100 years, we could be living underwater, meeting through holograms and printing out our homes…

No, this isn’t an April Fool joke (after all we aren’t even in that month yet). Instead these are the thoughts and visions of researchers, teachers, architects and those who design cities. Put together in a report called the ‘SmartThings Future Living Report’ which was published by electronics company Samsung, the report lays out what our future could look like. Here are some of the important predictions (thoughts on future events).

Living underwater

The report says that in the next 100 years, it would be possible to live in underwater or underground homes that are 25 floors deep! That might solve the space problem in some cities!

3D everything

3D printers are special devices that print out, not sheets of paper, but real life objects. These are already being used today to print out machine parts, toys and tools. According to the report this technology will become so advanced that we would be able to print out various parts of a house and put together new homes at high speed instead of spending months, even years in construction.

This 3D technology could even extend to food. Although this is already happening in a small way, in the next couple of years, the report predicts that 3D-printing of food will become smarter and 3D food printers would be able to make use of several ingredients instead of just one. That’s a new kind of fast food!

The new age doctor

Technology may also change the way we manage our health. Instead of visiting doctors, we may be able to hook ourselves to diagnostic pods at home. These pods would be like a mini-room or cube which can run a series of tests on us once we are inside. The pods would also be able to connect to a doctor in a hospital who could then prescribe the right medicines based on what the pod found.