Cricket bats cut down to size

Australian David Warner has one of the thickest bats around. He will be looking for a new one soon!

The England-based Marylebone Cricket Club, one of the oldest institutions involved in setting rules for the game has decided that bats must be cut down a size or too. Extra wide and heavy bats have made life easier for batsmen while the bowler is at the losing end.

In order to make the game fair to the bowler as well, the MCC has decided that the maximum (most) dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108 millimeters for width, 67 millimeters in depth and 40 millimeters for the edges. Many bats used today are bigger than this.

Run-out rules changed

In addition to the new bat rules, the MCC has also come up with new rules on run-outs. A batter will no longer be out if he or she has touched down across the crease and the bails are removed while the bat bounces. Rule changes will also make it easier for a bowler to run out a batter at the non-striker’s end before the ball is bowled.

Among the most interesting new rules are about player behavior. The MCC wants cricketers to behave a lot better. Under the new rules, umpires will have increased power to punish players immediately depending on how bad their behavior was. Levels of punishments range from a warning, to the awarding of five penalty runs to the opposing team or temporary or permanent removal of a player from the game.

The new rules come into effect from March 20. Cricketers better watch out!