Coronavirus: India third in worldwide cases

With almost seven and half lakh cases, India is the country with the third-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world behind the United States and Brazil. While there are a lot of infected people out there, there is a silver lining to this cloud as well.

A lot of people have recovered

More than four and a half lakh people have recovered out of the number above, which means there are around 266,000 active infections only. Of these only 9000 are seriously ill.

India has fewer deaths

Over 20,000 people in the country have died due to the virus, but the percentage of people dying from the illness is falling. Fewer Indians are dying from the disease as a percentage of those who have it, if you compare our country to the United States or Brazil.

We are testing more

India has been testing more and more people each day – around 10 million have been tested as of Monday. The more we test, the more infections we an detect and more importantly control. As many cases are asymptomatic – which means they don’t have fever, cough or any signs of the virus – infected people could be unknowingly moving around, infecting others.

south map

The number of daily cases in Delhi and Maharashtra, two of the worst affected states may be close to their peak but cases have begun to climb in Karnataka and Telangana. Given India’s size, infection waves could rise and fall at different times in different states.

Image – south map.png

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