Colorado River is shrinking

The white mark on the rock face shows how much the level of water in the river has dipped.

Global warming is no longer a problem of the future-it is affecting our lives today. Scientists in the United States (US) recently reported that the Colorado River in the south-western US was shrinking due to climate change.

Human activities, rising population and the use of fuels like oil and petrol is driving up temperatures on Earth. A warmer Earth could change life on the planet forever and the shrinking of the Colorado River is but one effect.

Scientists studying the river said that it had shrunk by almost one-fifth since the year 2000. While drought (caused by lack of rainfall) in the area for many years has affected the river, warmer temperatures have also had an impact by evaporating moisture out of the Colorado River Basin’s waterways, snow-banks and from plants and soil nearby. A shrinking Colorado River could seriously affect people living by it.