Boy or girl, what is it?


When it comes to baby sea turtles, the gender of the young one (whether they are born as a boy or girl), depends on the temperature the egg experienced while the little one was developing within.

Sea turtle mothers come ashore and lay eggs on sandy beaches. The mothers then leave, leaving behind the eggs buried in the sand. The young turtles develop inside these eggs. Whether they hatch as male turtles or female turtles depends on the temperature of the sand. Warmer sand temperatures produce more female sea turtles while cooler sands produce more male sea turtles.

This discovery comes at a time when temperatures on Earth are increasing. Warmer temperatures may lead to the birth of more female turtles. If the number of male turtles decreases, fewer turtle pairs will be formed and this may lead to fewer eggs being laid next time around. Over years, the population of sea turtles may decrease.

One more effect of global warming that we should guard against!