An Apple on my arm

There was a lot of excitement last week when Apple, the famous technology company from the United States, launched Apple Watch, a ‘smart’ watch. As the name shows, a ‘smart’ watch is an intelligent device that does many more things than just tell the time. Let’s find out a bit more about this.

Wear it and use it

The mobile phone was the first piece of technology that people started carrying around. A ‘smart’ watch is a new category of device that takes this further – it is the first gadget that has become part of what we wear. Such devices that we wear and use are examples of wearable technology. In the world of computers, this is seen as the latest ‘BIG’ idea.

What does the watch do?

It promises to keep you healthy: The Apple Watch works with an application on the user’s iPhone (you need to have an iPhone to use the watch) to track your heartbeat, count the number steps you’ve taken all day, as well as measure the amount of exercise and other activity that you’ve done. In other words, this watch can help you keep fit.

Connecting you all the time: The Apple Watch will alert the user to new emails and messages

Help you navigate: It’s too small a screen to read a full map on, so the Apple Watch will let you zoom in by using the watch dial. Plus it will guide you turn-by-turn to your destination using vibrations. One type of vibration will let you know it’s time to turn left. Another will tell you it’s time to turn right.

In addition to all this, it will also tell the time!

Pay up

Apple Watch and the two new iPhones that the company launched last week can also be used by people to pay for their purchases in certain stores in the United States. How can a watch or a phone do this? Well, users can ‘save’ details of their credit cards on these devices and at the billing counter, they’d just need to wave their device in front of a payment terminal (a small box that connects to the computers of credit card companies) to pay. No need then to carry around cash or credit cards.

Apple says that their technology is safe and that bad guys won’t be able to steal credit card information from the devices. It’s going to take some time before many stores have terminals that can accept payments through mobile phones …..but that’s the way the future is headed.