About CFN

We live in a media fueled world, but media that isn’t really suitable for children. Mainstream newspapers and magazines don’t really work for kids, both from a language and a treatment perspective. How many of us can just hand over a national daily to a 9 year old for a browse?

Many articles in mainstream newspapers lack the context that children need – it is assumed that the reader already had sufficient knowledge of the news context. Plus, the language of newspaper articles may not be suitable for younger children. Imagery, which is often explicit, these days, is not something you want your young son/daughter to view.

But, at the same time, children need to get a real sense of what is happening in the world. Much beyond the santized world of features on science, technology and literature (all good things, mind you) that most current magazines for children revolve around.

That is exactly where ChildFriendlyNews.com or CFN fits in. CFN is all about hard news that is presented in a practical, easy-to-read and full context package for children in the age group 7-13 years.

CFN is is a fortnightly newspaper

CFN is a fortnightly newspaper that is published in a 8 page tabloid format. The issue contains multiple sections for Features and News, which is further categorized into India, World and Sports news.

The weekly paper also contains a “Special Report” that takes up one topic and discusses it in depth. The theme is always topical. In recent issues we have focussed on the Census, Earth Hour and Climate Change and Democracy. All this content is also available on the web in the “Deep Dive” section.

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