A young India gets to vote

One of the most important duties we have as citizens of India is voting in elections. Since India is a democracy, we, the people of India, get to select our leaders through elections. The next big election will be held in 2014 and for the first time, there will be a huge number of young people who will be voting for the very first time.
Data from the government shows that there will be 150 million new voters taking part in the election next year. These are people who have turned 18 years since the last big election was held in 2009. India probably has the largest number of such young voters in the world.
Young voters with new ideas could change the kind of leaders we elect. Plus, this is a group of voters that has grown up with Internet and email, and much more aware of what’s happening around the world, which may help them choose better leaders. We hope the politicians will stand up and take notice!