A summer reading list for you!

Summer is around the corner-it’s time to while away those lazy days with some good books. Here is our list for you.  The list below is meant for ages 11-14 years. There will be a second list for younger readers soon. Happy reading!

coralineCoraline by Neil Gaiman

Because everyone thinks all parents but their own are way cooler and nicer, but…




stuartStuart Little by EB White

Diversity is important, and what better way to learn it from the story of a mouse adopted by humans



mahaThe Mahabharatha by C Rajagopalachari

What better way to learn about good and evil, duty and discipline, than this timeless story?








Maus by Art SpiegelmanMaus

Comic books aren’t always funny, and it is never too early to learn about the Holocaust







Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

wildYou don’t always need words to tell magical stories