A fit ‘Father of the Nation’

Recently published health records of Mahatma Gandhi show that the ‘Father of the Nation’, despite being under-weight, was very fit and kept himself so thanks to constant activity and exercise.

The health records, which were published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, show that Gandhi used to walk nearly 18 kilometres each day. Between 1913 and 1948, he walked around 79,000 kilometres which is equal to walking around the Earth twice!

A vegetarian who kept to a simple diet, Gandhi believed in natural cures rather than factory produced medicines. With a height of 5 feet, 5 inches, he weighted just 46.7 kilos which is rather low. He suffered from blood pressure, the records show.

Despite these problems, Gandhi remained extremely active until his death in 1948. He believed that a healthy body and healthy mind were linked and believed in a balanced diet, natural cure and physical fitness. Something for all of us to learn from!

Image – Gandhi.jpg