A change in the way we learn

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In a move that will change the way you learn in school and college, the Indian Government has announced a new National Education Policy (NEP). Not only does it promise a reduced syllabus and easier Board exams, but also learning based on doing and analyzing rather than rote learning.

Changing education structure

Schools now follow the 10+2 class pattern. The NEP suggests a move to a model where a student spends five years at the foundation stage, followed by three at the preparatory level, then three years in middle school and finally, four years in secondary school. So while you will spend the same number of years overall in school, the new grouping will change the way the syllabus is designed and taught. For the first time, pre-school years are also being covered by the NEP.

The NEP also says that children should be taught in their mother tongue or regional language until Class 5 wherever possible. Now, this doesn’t mean that your schools will immediately change the medium of instruction from English to Hindi, Tamil or Telegu. The NEP is only a guideline, and since education is a subject on which both centre and state governments make laws, states have to agree to this first before the NEP is implemented.

Don’t fear the exams

In an important change, the NEP calls for syllabuses to be reduced and Board exams to be simplified. While Classes 10 and 12 will continue to take Board exams, the existing system will be changed so that students don’t need coaching and tuition to pass Board exams and college entrance exams. It also says, “students will be able to choose many of the subjects in which they take Board exams, depending on their individualised interests.”

Subjects like math could also be offered at two levels while students can also look forward to computer coding from class 6 onwards. New subjects like ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Holistic Health’ will also be introduced.

What to look forward to in college

The NEP proposes to change three year undergraduate college courses into four year programmes. Top foreign universities will also be allowed to set up campuses in India, so that is something to look forward to when it is your time to go to college.

Of course all this will take time to implement as the states of India need to bring in new laws and rules too, but it looks like the NEP will change the way you study in school and college.



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