A battery so small….

It’s no bigger than a postage stamp, but this tiny battery has enough power to charge your mobile phone, laptop or any other device in about 12 minutes. Amazed? You should be, for this invention could change our gadgets forever.

The battery has been invented at the University of Maryland in the United States. It is made up of tiny structures called nanopores, each no bigger than a grain of sand, which contain electrolyte (a kind of liquid or gel found in batteries) that transports the electrical charge. Many millions of these nanopores can be crammed into one larger battery the size of a postage stamp.

This tiny battery is super-efficient and can be charged in around 12 minutes. Not only can gadgets be charged fast, the battery also makes possible electric cars that can be charged fast. Slow charging is one of the reasons that environment friendly electric cars are not popular.

The new battery has been made in the lab, but plans are afoot to manufacture (make) them in large numbers in factories.